Dog in Hat!
Sir Bonzi Wells
December 4th, 2000 - March 23rd, 2011

Bonzi passed away on March 23rd, 2011. Cora and I miss him dearly.

I knew him as a puppy and then he came into my life in 2006 when Cora and I started dating. Cora still thinks I only married her for her dog. This is 72% correct.

Some of you knew Bonzi personally while others knew him in Internet-land via his Youtube videos and Human Clock photos. He might have stayed at your house, pulled you on a skateboard, donated blood to your dog, been a regular at your paint store, licked food from your child's face, eaten your bok choy, or jumped up on a buffet table at your barbecue. Regardless of how you knew him, we are happy he touched your life in some way.

-Craig & Cora

I made the following video of Bonzi in 2007. This video is a good representation of his character and spirit.

The version below is the "correct" version of the video featuring the song "Bad Days" by The Flaming Lips. The version on youtube had its audio stripped/replaced for copyright reasons. There is a large version of the video too. More videos can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Original Audio Large version (97 meg)
  • Original Audio Small version (24 meg)

  • A random day in Bonzi's world...

    9:03 am

    9:12 am

    9:42 am

    10:14 am

    10:44 am

    11:00 am

    11:00 am

    11:18 am

    11:19 am

    12:02 pm

    12:55 pm

    1:12 pm

    1:21 pm

    1:26 pm

    2:17 pm

    2:21 pm

    2:23 pm

    2:52 pm

    3:09 pm

    3:09 pm

    3:39 pm

    3:51 pm

    3:55 pm

    4:04 pm

    4:17 pm

    4:22 pm

    4:27 pm

    4:59 pm

    5:04 pm

    5:22 pm

    5:23 pm

    5:27 pm

    5:29 pm

    5:29 pm

    6:10 pm

    7:33 pm

    8:45 pm

    8:56 pm

    9:38 pm

    12:21 am

    More videos!

    Happy 10th Birthday Bonzi!

    Note: original version of video at the top of this page. Youtube pulled the audio from the original version and I had to replace it with some canned music.

    Even more videos! >>